Holmasjön No. 1

Broschyr Holmasjön-Kleva

Holmasjön Prospektering AB is an exploration company with minerals, oil & gas as business. The activities of the minerals are located in Bergslagen and Småland while operations with oil and gas will be re-openings and production of oil and gas wells in the United States.

Holmasjön No. 1 is an exploration permit of 142 hectares in Vetlanda municipality, Jönköping län. In this exploration permit, the Company seeks copper, cobalt, nickel and gold. This exploration permits contiguous to the Company's exploration permits Kleva No. 3 with Kleva Mine.

The company has in-house conducted magnetic surveys covering the Holmasjön No.1  Holmasjön Prospektering AB has submitted the results of the magnetic measurement to an external company that made a map based on this information.

Holmasjön Prospektering AB has also carried out an electric I.P. survey on parts of the exploration permit and has obtained a map created on the results of electrical survey.

The company has taken rock samples and sent for analysis. The highest mineral concentrations from these samples was 0.54% copper, 0.23 ppm gold and 1.9% titanium.

Holmasjön Prospektering AB has handed over all information from the geophysical surveys and rock samples to an external company that has developed a geophysical report and recommend six boreholes with the location, depth and angle drilling.

The company intends to begin drilling two of the recommended holes on the magnetic and electrical anomaly where rock samples are taken. In good results when drilling Holmasjön Prospektering AB will perform additional electrical I.P. surveys to determine the western edge of the anomaly where drilling is carried out and perform additional drilling on this anomaly to confirm its extent.


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