2021-02-15: Holmasjön Prospektering AB have applied for permits to drill two holes to confirm rare earth elements.

Holmasjön Prospektering AB have procured drilling services from Borrenergi AB and mapping of drill cores from Tyréns. The drilling is intended to be carried out during Q2 on exploration permit Kallmora No 3.

Within Kallmora No 3 Sweden Geological Survey (SGU) have reported several high mineral levels, iron 49,80%, copper 1,28% and five rare earth elements (REE), lanthanum 0,4%, cerium 0,5%, neodymium 0,2% and tantalum and niobium. The last three rare earth elements have very high prices and therefor are of economical interest even at low levels.

These drillings are the Company’s first on the exploration permit. After these drillings the Company intend to perform an electric I.P. survey to investigate how deep the two anomalies reach and conduct a drilling program with several holes to investigate the reach of the mineral levels over a larger area.

CEO Carl-Adam Andersson’s comment

“I’m proud over what the Company achieved in such a short period of time. In October-November 2020 the geophysical surveys were completed. In the end of November, the Company received the magnetic and electric maps over the area as well as the two recommended drill sites. Now in February 2021 we have completed the procurement for drilling services and applied for permits to drill these holes during Q2 2021.”


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