2021-01-15: Holmasjön Prospektering AB has been granted membership in European Raw Material Alliance (ERMA)

European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA) was founded in September 2020 as a part of the Action Plan for critical raw materials. The Action Plan focus on current and future challenges and suggest a plan to reduce Europe’s raw material dependence, diversify supply from both primary and secondary sources and improve the resource efficiency mutually with encouraging responsible purchases across the world.

Within ERMA there are many small and big companies, research institutes and investors from all over Europe. Members of ERMA have access to technical and market information that supports a high investor attraction in maters based on its strategic relevance, impact and finance that is granted from ERMA’s highly qualified team.

ERMA also helps with investor matchmaking trough RawMaterials Investment Platform (RMIP) to ensure high investment success. Several sources of financing (grants, equity, loans and mix) will be part of this process with individual investment volumes and structures.

CEO Carl-Adam Andersson’s comment  

“Membership in ERMA strengthens the company's opportunities to finance future development of exploration permits and increases the chance of finding industry partners and cutting-edge expertise when the projects have come far enough."


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