2020-11-06: New surveys indicate greater potential regarding Rare Earth Elements (REE)

After the result from the survey it is not impossible that the two magnetic anomalies within Kallmora is one large anomaly on more than two kilometres.

Magnetic surveys have been conducted between the anomalies on Kallmora. The result is a magnetic anomaly in a east-west direction drifting slightly north the further east you go. In certain areas the magnetism is high enough to affect navigation instrument including compasses. The magnetic anomaly also stretches 200 meters further east than we previously knew.

The electric survey was conducted in the area where SGU (Sweden Geological Survey) took rock samples containing several REE as well as high levels of copper and iron. The electric anomaly was measured to a length of 420 meter and up to 140 meter wide. The anomaly coincides with the locations from SGU’s rock samples and mostly to the magnetic anomaly.

CEO Carl-Adam Anderssons comment.

” The surveys are conducted and will now be handed in for interpretation, geophysical mapping and to receive recommended drill sites with depth and drill angels. The Company will report this information in future press release.”



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