2020-10-08: Holmasjön Prospektering AB submits work plan to Bergsstaten regarding Kallmora No 1

Holmasjön Prospektering AB submits work plan for complementary magnetic surveys on exploration permit Kallmora No 1 regarding rare earth elements (REE) and base metals.

The purpose is to condense the survey over the most interesting anomaly within the area and clarify the extent of a second anomaly. On the first anomaly SGU (Sweden Geological Survey) have taken rock samples that contain several rare earth elements as well as copper and iron.

After this survey the Company assesses it have enough data for independent expertise to make magnetic maps and recommend drill sites on the two anomalies.

The survey is scheduled to start during week 44 or week 45.

CEO Carl-Adam Anderssons comment

“It is gratifying to start this survey within a month. With a continuation of good results on the two anomalies Kallmora can go to the next step of prospecting, drilling.”



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