2020-09-02: Holmasjön Prospektering AB plans supplementary surveys on exploration permit Kallmora No 3 regarding REE, copper and iron.

Holmasjön Prospektering AB intends to perform supplementary magnetic surveys on exploration permit Kallmora No 3 during the end of 2020.

In 2019 Holmasjön Prospektering AB have performed a substantial magnetic survey on Kallmora No 3. The company have also performed electric VLF surveys. These surveys have resulted in a magnetic anomaly that exceds 1 kilometer. A second anomaly with great potential has been measured within and around a site with abandoned copper and iron mines. Within this area Swedish Geological Surveys have taken five rock samples with up to 1.26% copper, 49,80% iron and greatly increased rates of three different rare earth elements (REE).

The results from 2019 years prospecting have resulted in the company planning additional magnetic surveys on the two anomalies with the objective to thereafter make magnetic maps over the area and with good results also receive drilling recommendations mainly on the second anomaly.

CEO Carl-Adam Anderssons comment

” I’m looking forward to conduct the survey on Kallmora No 3 and hope for further good results.”



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