2021-09-08: Holmasjön Prospektering AB plans for coming drill program on exploration permit Kallmora

After the I.P. survey on the western part of Kallmora in July 2021 Holmasjön Prospektering AB (“The Company”) from external expertise been recommended an additional four new drill sites within the anomaly. In May 2021 a drilling was completed within the same anomaly, after analysis it contained 13,75% lead, 6,61% zinc, copper, iron and several rare earth elements.

The boreholes will be placed with a distance of 100 metres. The purpose with the drilling is to get extended knowledge of the anomaly and investigate mineral levels in the anomaly. The Company also evaluate an alternative to the drilling program, with holes every 50 meter in purpose to get more detail knowledge of the content of the anomaly. If the Company move forward with the larger drilling program there is the possibility for the Company to move on with a mining concession, dependant on the results is good. The Company would then leave the prospecting phase on this part of the permit and become a mining development company.

The Company will shortly start procurement of drilling services and apply for permits for the drilling program. The purpose is to complete the drilling program in the fourth quarter of 2021.

The Company also evaluate if additional external expertise shall analyse the I.P. survey, a second opinion, in purpose to strength the evidence for future work on applying for a mining concession. If the Company is granted a mining concession on Kallmora it means besides a mark of high quality for the project, that the Company have 25 years to investigate the possibility of opening a mine on the anomaly.

CEO Carl-Adam Anderssons comment

” The work we have conducted within the anomaly on Kallmora have delivered very successful results. After completed interpretation the work can move on and a new drilling program is about to be initiated. If results from coming drilling program have a similar quality as previous drilling, I would say the Company have enough evidence to bring the project to a mining concession”.



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