2021-08-18: Holmasjön Prospektering AB has started the second phase of I.P. surveys on exploration permit Kallmora No 3

Electric I.P. surveys have been started during week 33 on exploration permit Kallmora No 3. The work is being carried out to identify future drilling sites.

I.P. surveys are carried out in two phases where the first phase on the western anomaly has been completed and sent in for interpretation and drilling recommendations for future drilling program. The survey on the eastern anomaly has just started and results will be presented shortly. This phase is estimated to be completed in one week.

Within the eastern anomaly one hole was drilled in May 2021. The Result from the analysis is 0,73% copper, 37% iron and increased levels of the rare earth elements yttrium and zirconium.

I.P. survey is a method where the grounds electric cord is investigated. The method can identify dispersed sulphides (ex. copper) that the VLF survey could not identify. The I.P. survey also has a depth sensing of down to 1000 meters which means that the Company can identify minerals deeper than the VLF equipment can show.

CEO Carl-Adam Anderssons comment

” I look forward to the result of the I.P. survey. The survey will also form the basis for future drilling programs.”



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