2021-05-27: Holmasjön Prospekterings drill cores contain copper, lead, zinc and iron

The Eastern hole contain copper and iron. The Western hole contain iron, copper, lead and zinc.

The Eastern hole is within an anomaly of 900 metres by 150 metres. Within this anomaly one hole was drilled to investigate what resulted in a magnetic and electric anomaly. The Borehole contain copper (10 000 USD/ton) and iron (210 USD/ton).

The Western hole is situated around 1,5 kilometres west of the eastern hole within another anomaly that is 1000 metres by 130 metres. The purpose with this hole was to investigate what gave this anomaly. At the drilling iron (210 USD/ton), copper (10 000 USD/ton), lead (2000 USD/ton) and zinc (3000 USD/ton) was found.

Holmasjön Prospektering AB will now investigate how many samples will be sent for analysis to find out metal levels in the cores. SGU (Sweden Geological Survey) have previously found rare earth elements (REE) in rock samples within the eastern anomaly the cores will also be analysed for it.

CEO Carl-Adam Anderssons comment

” It is gratifying that we found these metals at different depths in the cores. I look forward to the results from the analysis to be able to present the metal levels. We have also proved what resulted in the anomalies and will move on with further surveys to receive good drill sites for several future drillings.”


Ongoing drilling of the eastern hole.
Extract from drill core from the western hole



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