2021-04-14: Drillings on Kallmora will start in the first week of May

Two core drill holes will be started in the first week of May. The company drill for copper and rare earth elements (REE).

The drillings will be conducted on Holmasjön Prospekterings exploration permit Kallmora No 3 to investigate which minerals and levels resulted in the substantial magnetic and electric anomalies the company surveyed in the fall of 2020.

Sweden Geological Survey (SGU) have in close proximity found up to 1,3% of copper, 49,8% iron and several rare earth elements (REE) in slagheaps from adjacent mines. The rare earth elements are among other used in electric motors and electronics such as mobile phones and computers. One of the rare earth elements SGU found is neodymium (Nd) 75 000 USD/ton.

With good results from the drillings the company will investigate if an electric I.P. survey shall be conducted over the anomalies to get a clearer picture of the anomalies and depth sensing down to 1000 meters or if the company directly can go ahead with an extensive drilling program to investigate the mineral levels over the entirety of the anomalies.

CEO Carl-Adam Anderssons comment

“It is gratifying that we now have a date for drill start to look forward to. It is with great excitement I look forward to the contents of the drill cores.”


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