2021-03-31: Holmasjön Prospektering AB has received a permit to drill for REE and copper

Holmasjön Prospektering AB has received a permit from Länsstyrelsen in Västmanland, Sweden and Bergsstaten to drill on exploration permit Kallmora nr 3.

The company will drill on the two anomalies that were surveyed in the autumn of 2020. On the eastern anomaly, SGU (Sweden Geological Survey) has found rock samples from warp piles that contained several rare earth metals including neodymium (USD 75,000 / ton) and 1.3% copper.

Since Holmasjön Prospektering have procured drilling services and received all permits for drilling on Kallmora No. 3, the company plans to start drilling within three to six weeks. The drilling will be carried out by Dala Borrenergi AB and geological mapping will be carried out by a geologist who is also a Qualified Person at Thyréns in Ludvika, Sweden.

Once the company has received results from the drilling, we will investigate whether an electric I.P. survey must be made over the anomalies to get a clearer picture of the anomalies as well as depth sensing down to 1000 meters or if the company can go ahead with an extensive drilling program to examine the mineral levels over the entirety of the anomalies.

CEO Carl-Adam Anderssons comment

"It is gratifying that the company has received permission to drill at Kallmora No. 3. I look forward to start drilling and hope for good results where the drill cores can confirm the results from SGU's rock samples in the area."


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